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Tarzan and the Golden Lion
by Rice Burroughs, Edgar

Download Tarzan and the Golden Lion Read Online Tarzan and the Golden Lion

Tarzan and his family, reunited after the events in Tarzan the Untamed and Tarzan the Terrible, return h0me. Along the way they find an ophaned lion cub which they name Jad-bal-ja, which Tarzan raises and trains. The Golden Lion is a recurring character in the series as well as being a prominant part of the animated Tarzan series and some of the most recent Tarzan TV shows. The story, involving mistaken identity, a variety of people with no business in the jungle, and the return of La, Queen of Opar, has all been seen before. Yet... still worth reading. Once you get into the series, you'll want to read them all.

Book title:
Tarzan and the Golden Lion
Rice Burroughs, Edgar
Action and Adventure

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